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Tar pit ⚤

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Regular seeds
• Genetics: Chemdawg 91 x Royal Kush 
• Genotype: Hybrid
• Aroma: Diseal x Earth
• Flowering Time: 8-9 Weeks
• THC Content: 20%
• CBD Content: low

Tar Pit regular cannabis seeds from Emerald Mountain Legacy is one of several new strains dropped by this exciting California-based seed company, all of which are based on the elite Royal Kushstrain bred by the late, great Mack Anderson AKA Mandelbrot / Ras Truth.

Tar Pit is also crossed with "Chemdawg 91" to create a terpines that give a diesal, fuely taste that will hit hard.

Emerald City Legacy have created a new line of strains crossed with thier signiture "Royal Kush", in homage to ras truth, a legend in the industry, the horticultuture scene. This strain capitalises everything important to the legend Ras Trisuth and everything he has done for the California scene.

This strain is an balanced hybrid, this strain is quick to get to the finish point only taking 8-9 weeks, this strain is uplifting and hard and perfect for social occasions.