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T.H.Seeds Limited Edition Seeds ⚤

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Seed bank: T.H.Seeds

When we were at Spannabis in Barcelona this year (2019) we managed to pick up a handful of limited edition strains from T.H.Seeds:

  • Zorro (Grape Ape x Marmalade, 10 seeds)
  • Shiloh Z (5 seeds)
  • Black Apple Hitchcock (Grape OG x Sour Apple IBL, 10 seeds)
  • Dosidos x Birthday Cake (11 seeds)
  • Birthday Cake x Birthday Cake (11 seeds)
  • Gelato 33 x Birthday Cake (11 seeds)
  • Purple Tangie x Birthday Cake (11 seeds)
  • French Cookies x Birthday Cake (11 seeds)

These come in special boxes and glass jars with cork tops. All regulars.

Some very sought after California genetics in very limited numbers, don't wait if you want these!