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Accepting all card payments for the following countries: USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Europe and Thailand!











“SWgenetX is located in the high desert of the South West, the ideal location to obtain and work with the best Colorado and the West Coast has to offer. We are very passionate about preserving and selectively breeding landrace, medical, rare and unheard of genetics.

Our staple strain we call ‘Denali’ (coming soon to Mary’s). She is named after the area the genetics are from: the highest peak in north America. In native Athabaskan Denali translates to ‘the high one’.

She has a strong eucalyptol, skunk and pine taste, basically a largely northern equator landrace hemp hybrid. We received seeds from the area near Denali National Park in 2007 from a local breeder. These were started off alongside a crop of NL5 from Sensi and one plant was a keeper but slid by us and tossed out pollen – just a bit but enough to ruin the whole crop. So the landrace seed was initially bred with NL5 by accident, but the results, especially the smell, let us know it was worth stablizing.

We bred it with itself again in 2011 and it limited down to two pheno traits. We didn’t make it an F4 till 2013 – that’s when it was complete and named Denali.

Lab results show no detectable amounts of any cannabinoids except THC, THCA, CBG and CBGA – this is a mutation usually found in European hemp. She has a high amount of terps as shown in the lab results and easily permeates. Flowering period is 7-8 weeks max or bud rot can occur due to its density. Resistant to cold and will turn black but not die if it freezes.

Effect is sedating and immediate. Best for chronic pain, PTSD, anxiety, panic attacks and insomnia.

We hope our work is as rewarding and helpful for you as much as it is for us.”

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