We take great care to make sure your seeds reach you in perfect condition!

When you order full packs of seeds these will be sent to you unopened, as is.

Full seed packs

When you order single seeds with Mary’s they’ll be packaged in a sturdy plastic vial with a piece of foam or bubble wrap, labelled and placed inside a plastic baggie.

Seeds in vial and baggie

All your seeds will then be sent out to your address in a jiffy envelope.

Stealth packaging

If you’d like an even more discreet service you can select ‘stealth’ at checkout. This means that your seeds (in a vial and baggie) will be fixed securely inside a DVD case which will then be shrink-wrapped to look like a brand new DVD from the outside. Extra bonus of ordering this is that you get a free DVD to watch!

Seeds in DVD

Please be aware that if you order a full pack of seeds and request ‘stealth’ and the seed bank’s packaging of choice is particularly bulky, we will have to remove the seeds and place them in vials/baggies to fit them in the DVD.

Customs Declaration stickers

When a package is sent outside the EU it requires a Customs Declaration sticker. We usually fill in the item as a ‘limited edition DVD’.