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Northern Light x Big Bud Ryder ♀

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Seed bank: World of Seeds

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  • Indoor: Yes
  • Outdoor: Yes
  • Cannabis Genetics: Northern Light Auto X Big Bud Auto
  • Yield: Good
  • Height: Short
  • Auto Flowering: Yes
  • Flavour: Fruity
  • Aroma: Pineapple or Citrus
  • Height: 130 to 170 cm max
  • Indoor Yield: 50 to 600 gr/m2
  • Outdoor Yield: 45 to 70 gr/seed
  • Greenhouse: Yes
  • Autoflowering Cycle: 50 to 55 Days
  • 1st in Auto at Copa Natura Verde 2013, Canarias

Word of Seeds have taken their incredibly popular Northern Light x Big Bud and re-crossed it individually for four generations, using a selection of the best specimens they produced the perfect automatic plant: Northern Light x Big Bud RyderOne of the top medicinal autos around!

Great for growing both indoors and outdoors due to its perfect size, a height of 1.7m outdoors and 1.3m indoors depending on what size of pot you use.

All the branches of this plant grow at the same length, giving it the perfect canopy. Whilst it does not grow very wide it does produce large, dense buds covered in vast amounts of resin crystals with a very high medicinal value.

With a strong odour of sweet pineapple or sweet citrus fruit such as mandarin, the buds can become an attractive shade of purple.