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Northern Light x Big Bud ♀

As low as £8.35
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Seed bank: World of Seeds
  • Strain: Indica/Sativa
  • Seed Origin: Northern Lights X Big Bud
  • Auto Flower Seeds Available: No
  • Feminized Seeds Available: Yes
  • Grow Indoors: Yes
  • Grow Outdoor: Yes
  • YieldIndoor: Around 16oz (450gm) Per M2 Outdoor: <32oz (900gm) Per Plant
  • Height Indoors: Medium
  • Height Outdoors: Tall
  • Flowering Period: 7 – 8 Weeks
  • Harvest Outdoor: September
  • THC Level: <18% (CBD: High)
  • Grow Difficulty: Easy
  • 1st in Autos at Copa Natura Verde 2013, Canary Islands
  • 3rd in BHO Cup 2015, Uraguay

A multiple cup winner and a huge yielder combined? Mary always treats you right, and with help from World of Seeds you'll be relaxing in no time!

Northern Light x Big Bud is a combination of two of the best selling and most popular cannabis strains on the market. Northern Lights is renowned for its strength and sleep-inducing qualities while Big Bud has one of the most impressive yields available.

As a result, this is the ideal combination of the two, providing a very strong cannabis plant with an exceptionally high yield. It produces a great high, perfect for relieving anxiety and winding down.

What's more, the plants are minimal in size so ideal for growing indoors, but she'll thrive outdoors too!