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Nebula II CBD ♀

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Seed bank: Paradise Seeds

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  • THC: 4-8%
  • CBD: 8-12%
  • Indica/Sativa Ratio: 40% Indica / 60% Sativa
  • Indoor Flowering Time: From 60 Days to 63 Days
  • Harvest Month (n.L): Mid October
  • Harvest Month (s.L): Mid April
  • Effect/Buzz: Mellow head buzz both mentally and physically relaxing
  • Smell/Taste: Honey sweetness and fruity
  • Yield Outdoor (GR/PP): 700 Gr
  • Yield Indoor (gr/m2): 450 Gr

Nebula CBD II due to their sativa dominance dynamically grows into plants with side branches and main stem cola with large fragrant buds very similar to the classic THC rich Nebula. This is also true for the resin output - young buds are already coated in resin. A higher share of CBD doesn’t influence the resin output.

The high CBD with an average of 7% and a THC of 6 % makes Nebula II CBD a well-balanced 1-to-1 ratio medical strain. Plants are ripe in a relatively short period of time (60 days) with a surprising good yield of over 30 grams of dried buds average per plant with plant heights of 55/60 cm and a week of vegetative growth.

You can expect a pleasant relaxing and well balanced centred effect! Enjoy the fruits of Paradise Seeds