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Muse ♀

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Seed bank: R-Kiem Seeds
  • Location: Indoor, outdoor
  • Type: Mostly indica
  • Flowering: ~60 days
  • Genotype: Indica
  • 2nd in Interior at Canna-olimpiadas 2015, Barcelona
  • 2nd in Interior at Cannabia Las Palmas de 2016, Gran Canaria
  • 3rd in Hash at ACMF Burgos 2016
  • 3rd in BHO, ACMF Burgos 2016

Muse is the result of a selection of elite clones of Canadian OG Kush x Oregon Diesel from our reserve.

This mostly-indica crossing is characterized by an easy and quick adaptability to all types of weather and media.

Thick branches support large clusters replete with copious amounts of trichomes.

Flavour-wise you're hit with aromas from mother's spice rack - sweet cloves and black pepper.