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Mandarine 47 ♀

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Seed bank: Anesia Seeds
Seed bank: Anesia Seeds
  • Genetics: Tangerine Dream x AK47
  • Breeder: Anesia Seeds
  • Sex: Feminised 
  • Genotype: 70% Indica / 30% Sativa
  • THC Levels: 26%
  • Flowering Time: 9 weeks
  • Yield: 550g/m² • 700 g/plant
  • Height: 90-110 cm • 180-220 cm
  • Aromas / Flavours: Mandarine

The outstanding and award-winning features of the AK-47 in combination with a sweet, citrusy aroma of Tangerine Dream and an above-average yield make it a true labor of love.

The taste of orange juice dominates the flavor of Mandarine 47 which also has undertones of lemon. The powerful high is energizing and euphoric, making this a great smoke for parties and physical activity. Medically, this weed can be used to alleviate poor appetite and stress. The THC content has been measured at 26%.

With its beautiful citrus fruit flavor, high potency and good yields, this sativa dominant variety produces a highly and recommended strong weed. Novice smokers should approach the super potent strain with some caution. Mandarine 47 will fully live up to its name and has a delicious, fruity aroma, reminiscent of ripe tangerines. She is a fast acting strain that delievers a high-energy cerebral stimulation with an aura of euphoria that will sure leave a smile on your face. Mandarine47 takes you in a seemingly never-ending energetic high, which can last several hours.

Growing Mandarine47
Indoors, you can grow this variety in soil or hydro and the flowering time takes around 10 weeks. This strain will only thrive outdoors in a climate that has the summer sunshine and warmth of the Mediterranean. Outdoor harvest in the northern hemisphere comes at the end of October.

Mandarine 47 requires Indoor approximately 9 weeks to bloom, outdoor it can be harvested in early october, while she delievers 550g per square meter, or 700 g per plant outdoors. Give this lady enough attention and love, she will thank you with breathtaking thick, sticky and aromatic buds, which are ideal for the production of BHO.

Medical Use
Mandarine47 has many therapeutical qualities, especially for those suffering from depression or anxiety.