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Seed bank: Elev8 Seeds
  • Genetics: Mazar x Skunk
  • Type: Sativa dominant
  • Flowering time: 9 weeks
  • Yield: Heavy
  • Potency: Extremely potent
  • Seed Type: Regular

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The story about how we came to acquire this strain is long but will give an idea about how valuable this strain is.

Some time ago, I met a grower that had a large collection of elite cuts that he was offering to trade for other genetics. The one strain that he had, that he did not give out to anybody, was an older version of LSD. He said that his friends bought seeds but the more current seeds never resulted in a plant as nice as his. Of course, the strain he did not want to give away was the one I was most curious about.

About six months later, an older woman called in from our website to ask about some strains. As we were talking, she mentioned that her favorite smoke of all time was a strain her friend, “J” grew called LSD. She said that he might be willing to talk to me and possibly gift some seeds. About a week later, “J” called me and told me the story about how he had acquired LSD seeds.

Back in 1963, “J” grew in the Sierra Mountains with his friend “B”. B decided to move to Europe to start a seed company but before he moved, he gave seeds that were a cross of what eventually became skunk and Mazar that he had gotten from another grower to J. Years later, the seeds that B took with him ended up becoming an indica dominant strain called LSD.

Since 1963, “J” made more seeds every decade or so and chose sativa dominant phenotypes. Out of the hundreds of strains he has grown in the last 50 years, he claims that this strain is heads and shoulders above them all. He said he was willing to gift me some seeds so that this sativa dominant version of LSD would not be eventually lost to the growing community.

One batch he grew tested in a lab at 27% THC.

The smell can be described as spiced eggnog. The high is intensely powerful and long lasting. This strain feels like you have been transported to another world.