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Khufu (OG Kush x Kuchi) ⚤

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  • Genetic: San Fernando Valley OG Kush x Kuchi
  • Genotype: Sativa 25% /  Indica 75%
  • THC: 20 – 22%
  • Flowering Time: Indoor 60-70 Days / Outdoor September
  • Yield: Medium
  • Height: Small / Medium
  • Ease of Growth: Medium
  • Flavour: Sage, Pepper, Lime
  • Effect: Stoned. Mellow, Stoned, Talkative
  • Plant Characteristics: Small / Dense Plant. Tight Kush Nuggets
  • Min. Vegetation Time: 4 weeks
  • Preferred Climate: Will grow in almost any climate
  • Preferred Grow Style: Suitable for the sea of green method

Khufu has the classic sweet taste of an original Kush – that sweet San Fernando Kush!

Named after the first pyramid builder, Khufu is a cross between a San Fernando Kush male and Devil's Harvest's very own Kuchi female.

Build your own (green) pyramids just like the ancient ruler for whom this strain is named… calyx upon calyx is layered to create a huge yield that will satisfy even the most discriminating of Kush lovers.

When coming up with ideas for their new experiment DH took their already potent Kuchi (SFV Kush x Exodus Cheese), and decided they wanted to find an even stronger cross.

Searching for the perfect donor we decided to backcross a Kuchi male with a San Fernando Valley OG Kush female (in a special three-way cross) in order to concentrate the most stable and hard-hitting Kush elements – the stuff legends are made of.

The resulting cannabis buds will leave you relaxed and talkative and has a sweet taste that has often been described as similar to sage with a hint of citrus.

Consisting of one part Cheese to two parts Kush, the Exodus Cheese still manages to hold its own and contribute to a large chunk of the flavour.

The smell has a hint of coffee which it has retained from the San Fernando Kush.

Small and dense, this cannabis plant looks unlike most indicas – even slightly sativa (some phenotypes are even Haze-like in both look and taste), but she is most definitely an indica, and a strong one at that.

She produces tight potent Kush nuggets and is perfect for people wanting to maximise a limited grow space.

Only available in non-feminized, growers wanting to grow mother plants or experiment with their own crosses will also value Khufu for her strong and varied genetics.

The 3-way cross presents the largest amount of varying phenotypes for those seeking something a little different out of the ages-old classic.

The strong body stone will be familiar to Kush lovers everywhere; perfect for evening relax, a deep and heavy stone and will leave you smoking like the fires of hell!