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HiFi 4G ♀

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Seed bank: Dutch Passion
  • Flowering time: 8 weeks
  • Production: XL
  • THC percentage: 20 %
  • Indica/Sativa: Hybrid

At Dutch Passion we aim to keep up with the latest genetics, and our North American network have supplied a real high fidelity offering: the result of our latest project is HiFi 4G. It involves some great genetics from WiFi OG and our prize winning resin-drenched Glueberry OG!

This strain is perfect for relaxation, especially listening to music. HiFi 4G seems to amplify appreciation and enjoyment of music. Your hi-fi system comes alive, sounds seem richer, deeper and sharper as if you were next to the musician that made the music.

This THC-rich feminised seed variety combines a creative feel-good high with top quality mental anaesthesia.

Harvests are easy with this uncomplicated variety, she is simple to grow under a wide range of grow conditions.

A great terpene profile, vigorous growth and a thick coat of glistening trichomes makes this XL yielding plant perfect for concentrate producers and extractions.