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Free seeds

Free seeds for all! Select the strain from the list at checkout!

The following prices apply to your subtotal, so just the price of the seeds rather than seeds + delivery.

  • Spend up to £24.99 and get 1 free seed
  • £25 to £59.99 and get 2 free seeds
  • £60 to £99.99 and get 3 free seeds
  • £100 to £149.99 and get 4 free seeds
  • £150+ and get 5 free seeds plus a Lift Ticket selected by us

Mary's reserves the right to change the free seeds you receive at our discretion. We also offer more free seeds if you buy from the seed banks below!


Elev8 Seeds promo picture


Ripper Seeds


Mephisto Genetics

  • 1 random free seed for every 3 singles purchased
  • 3 random free seeds for every full pack of 7 purchased

Toof Decay, Sour Bubbly, Sour Crack or Chem-dogging!

Please note, the seeds will be randomly selected from the 4.

DNA/Reserva Privada/GYO/Crockett Family Farms

  • 2 free Sour Diesel by DNA Genetics for every full pack purchased

Yekke Seeds

  • 1 free Golden Diesel F4 #3 short pheno for every 5 seeds purchased