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Double Grape ♀

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Seed bank: Mephisto Genetics
  • Indica/Sativa: 60/40
  • Cycle Time: 65-70 days from sprout
  • Size: 55-80cm (Under HPS)
  • Yield: 90-120g grams as a single plant
  • Best Method for overall high yield: 9 per 1,2m x 1,2m sq in 15 Liter pots
  • Aroma and flavour: A complex deep rich red grape to sweet pop artificial grape flavour
  • Effect: A potent hybrid effect, Stimulating with instant euphoria tailing off to be sedative and stoney
  • Best Grown: Indoor/Greenhouse
  • Flower Density: 8/10
  • Cannabinoids: THC: 27%

Mary's also runs an offer with Mephisto where you get:

1 random free seed for every 3 singles purchased
3 random free seeds for every full pack of 7 purchased
Your random free seed will be selected from Toof Decay, Sour Bubbly, Sour Crack or Chem-dogging!

Part of Mephisto's Limited Editions range so it won't be available forever!

"Another clash of the Artisanal titans in the form of the two strains of grape heritage: Sour Stomper (Sour Crack Grape Pheno x Grape Stomper OG) x Grape Crinkle (Canadian Crinkle x Supernatural x Ripley's OG).

Originally from our 2nd Illuminauto drop, now advanced into a new limited edition strain.

From the offset of our F3 Artisanal run last winter we had this cross pegged and written on our project board as a MUST DO! Insanely frosty and busting with flavour, ideal strain for extraction!

This was the first Illuminauto strain to sell out from the 2nd drop and we received such good feedback we just had to continue the line and make her available again.

Strain behaviour: Double Grape is an all-round pleasure to grow. She's easy to grow and manicure and all too easy to consume! One of our frostiest, oiliest varieties ever and packs a punch too.

She has very nice vigour and grows relatively open. She will bush naturally with some leaf tucking but also will adapt very nicely to LST and other forms of training when performed correctly.

The cycle time is medium at 65-70 days to bring her to fruition in ideal conditions and is definitely one of the most pleasurable strains to grow from any of our collections. Don't miss out on this one!"