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Dogshit Dead Head Haze ♀

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  • Genetics: Dogshit Haze x Casey Jones Reversed
  • Flowering Times: 8-10 Weeks

"For this strain I took my Dogshit Haze cut I selected from seeds given to me by a Deadhead from New York - he told me this is something real special. I then slapped it with the Casey Jones reversed to create the Dead Head Haze.

Taste ranges from earthy/diesel to fruity/spice. The Dogshit Haze phenos give out a real strong body couchlocked effect but your head is trying to take off to space - very Sativa.

A very unique strong crazy stone/high that everyone needs to try out. Shout to my man for hooking up the Dogshit Haze seeds back then." - OJD