Sour Crack ♀

£9.49 GBP

Yield: 30+ gr/seed
Height: 25-50cm
Auto Cycle Time: 55-65 Days
THC: 19.5%
Indica/Sativa: 80% - 20%

Green Crack AKA Cush x 24 Carat

1 random free seed for every 3 singles purchased
3 random free seeds for every full pack of 7 purchased
These are limited edition and not even available to buy! 
Sour Blues, Toof Decay x Ripley's OG and Blue Cush!

Sour Crack is a cross of Mephisto's 24 carat and a, currently unreleased, version of their Auto Green Crack.
Then bred out to be fully autoflowering.

Both photoperiod parents are extremely fast and frosty varieties. The Green Crack has the rush high, and the Sour Boggle had the Afghan narcotic couchlock effect, together they make an incredibly powerful yet well rounded high.

Sour Crack is a cracking variety (excuse the pun);
After tests and breeding development, they found it to be THE FASTEST AUTOFLOWERING CANNABIS they have ever grown..(and believe us when we say, they have grown A LOT of autos over the years).

Not only is it lightning fast but it is extremely resinous and potent to match. They were looking for a strain for stealthy quick runs, that could double as a commercial quality Autoflower Sea of green variety.
With restrictive potting, the plants stay short, entering the flowering period early, and speed like a train until the finish. The flowers are rock hard, really easy to trim, great flower to leaf ratio, and showered with crystals.

It's an easy variety to grow, start in light soil, but once established you can feed her liberally. *All of the figures are based on results from restricted potting in organic soil. They start in 1 litre of soil and at sex transplant into 11 litres.