Fuel OG ♀

Brand Ripper Seeds

Feminised £6.00 GBP
Feminised x 5 £27.99 GBP
Height: Medium
Veg Time: 2-4 weeks
Flowering Time: 8.5-9.5 weeks
Outdoor Flower: Early October
THC: Very Strong
Yield: Good
Indica/Sativa: 40%-60%

NYCD x OG Badazz (Original OG x Afghan Kush)
"Fuel OG is a job that begins with the famous clone of New York City Diesel, a variety with a taste very demanded by professionals OF extraction and collectors of terpenes, and continues with the arrival of the famous OG Badazz, a plant powerful and shades OG creamy.

A generous branching and shorter flowering compared to clone New York City Diesel are two of the pillars on which this work has focused.

The flowering time of this variety doesn't exceed 65 days and its hybrid/sativa effects surprise you with flavors of as old and known varieties.

Citrus flavor with OG background make this hybrid one of the delights more enjoyed by lovers of varieties with its own personality. This combination can satisfy even the most discerning palates, tangerine and grapefruit with hints of creamy vanilla.- Team Ripper