BioDiesel Mass Automatic ♀

£59.99 GBP

Yield: 300-400 gr/m2
Indoor Height: 60-80cm
Outdoor Height: 1-1.5m
Flowering Time: 10 weeks
THC: 17%
Yield: Good

Diesel Ryder x Auto Mass
The Muhammad Ali of strains! This fiercely yielding autoflower is quick to harvest and delivers a knockout high.

If you’re looking to produce high yields in a short period of time, with a full bodied flavour and potent THC content, Mary suggests you check out BioDiesel Mass Automatic.

Packing on 400 gr after just 9-10 weeks, this is a great option for those in a hurry.
It’s also relatively small in size so great for saving space, if you are looking something a little discreet this potentially isn’t for you due to the intense diesel smell which is in no way subtle, but damn is it good.