Auto OG Kush ♀

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Height: >2m 
Yield: 100-250 g/m 
Flowering: 7-9 weeks

The strain is cherished for its ability to crush stress under the weight of its heavy euphoria. It carries an earthy pine and sour lemon scent with woody undertones, an aroma that has become the signature of OG Kush varieties and descendants. 

OG Kush just might be the most famous cannabis strain around. This potent hybrid is to thank for a vast number of popular strains today. In a way, OG Kush created the modern cannabis scene in the United States. Often featuring between 19 and 27% THC, making it one of the strongest strains on the shelf. Recommended for experienced consumers, this strain provides a happy and upbeat mental high with the perfect amount of full-body relaxation.