Harybo (Zkittlez/Skittles x Afghan) ♀

£8.00 GBP

Taste: Jelly beans with a tinge of Kush
Indoors: 2 wks vegetative stage under CFL lamps + 8 wks flowering stage under HPS lamps
Outdoors: Early October
Return: 600 gr/sqm
Prevalence: INDICA

One of the most popular strains in the Mary's store as it features Zkittles/Skittles genetics!

A crossbreed between a select endemic Afghan strain and an elite Zkittlez (USA) clone from R-Kiem's private reserve, this strain is known for its hybrid strength and quick, effortless adaptability to all types of climate conditions and growing media, and its vigorous production.

Its structure features thick branches that support large, sticky, resin-filled buds and very short internodes.