Deadcheese ♀

£8.50 GBP

Genotype: Chemdawg #4 X Exodus
Indoor: 3 Weeks of vegetative CFL, 8/9 weeks of bloom
Outdoor: Mid-October
Production: High

For years R-Kiem have been selecting different varieties, looking for unique nuances that have contributed to this resulting hybrid - Deadcheese.

The name comes from its super sedative, physically-relaxing properties when consumed. The taste is like a sweet kush with touches of whiskey.

During the growing phase you'll find dense, heavy buds, with resin levels that will be much admired by lovers of hash.

This strain is very resistant to stress, making it suitable for growers looking for quick results in 8/9 weeks without complications, or beginners.

Brand new from R-Kiem for 2018!