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Alaskan Thunderfuck ♀

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One of our favourite varieties, a plant that brings intense flavour and effect yet is easy to grow with only 65 days of flowering. An exquisite taste that leaves no one indifferent, you will be asking for more until plunging into a deep sleep and a bestial feeling of hunger.  Its shape is similar to that of a fir tree and large amount of resin makes it fully frosted reminding us of its origin: the cold forests of Alaska.


Matanuska Thunderfuck is a native strain from Matanuska Valley, Alaska, with an extremely high content of resin and THC.
It first came to us back in 2006 in the form of regular seeds from Canada through a friend with whom we exchanged seeds regularly. After a while we began to reproduce them and select the best parent to generate more seeds and make a massive selection.
About 100 specimens were grown of which we chose 15 males with a very robust structure and short internodal distance very productive, and 10 powerful, resinous and very productive females in order to fix these traits in the offspring.
We began crossing all the plants in order to differentiate the males, then we chose the best samples to use them to create this variety.
When the best male and female were found, we crossed 3 times a female with a male from the offspring. One, out of 70 female specimens, was selected being the one to feminize Thunderfuck Alaskan.