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Buzz 'n' Smiles ♀

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Seed bank: Big Head Seeds

Indoor: Yes
Outdoor: Yes 
Cannabis Genetics: Super Lemon Haze X Big Head #1
Flowering Outdoors: Sept to Oct
Flowering Time: 9 weeks
THC Notes: 22-26%
THC: V.Strong
Yield: Good
Aroma: Citrus
Indoor Yield: 500 to 700 gr/m2
Greenhouse: Yes
Autoflowering Cycle: 9 Weeks

"Buzz 'n' Smiles is a beautifully balanced Super Lemon Haze with its unmistakable citrus aroma, re-worked with BigHead #1 genetics for maximum yield and stability.

Impressive results indoor and outdoor, packed with dense buds, this crystal frosted Christmas tree-shaped plant delivers quality and quantity.

A fast working, powerful high spreads through the body, relaxed yet capable, to the mind for a joyously creative, psychedelic expansion through the cosmos - a wonderfully social headspace.

Our director, Smiles, has dedicated this magnificent plant to the loving memory of our best friend Buzz."