The legalization of cannabis has spread like wildfire across Canada, USA and in several other countries in the world. It implies that many individuals are now allowed to grow the plant, just like any other agricultural plant lawfully.

Do you want to grow your autoflowering cannabis and don’t know where to start from? This article helps break down the basics to make your growing easier as opposed to what many people believe – that it is complicated to grow cannabis. Also, the good news is that even as a beginner or veteran, you can harvest quality cannabis indica without investing a large amount of money.

With access to a sunny place in your garden, balcony, rooftop or terrace, you can grow autoflowering marijuana. Many individuals unintentionally make or believe growing autoflowering cannabis outdoors is hard. However, this ends right now as this post gives you stepwise instructions as follows:

First step: Decide on the seeds Purchase the right type of autoflowering cannabis seeds that will do well in your climate. There are different types of seeds, and you can purchase on the online dispensary.

Second step: Germination Image link Germinating autoflowering cannabis seeds is no difference from germinating other kinds of cannabis seeds like feminized, regular or photoperiod seeds. Experienced growers can even throw the seeds in the soil for them to germinate. But, all of us are not experts, are we? For beginners, you can sow your seeds in water for 24 hours or more so that the seed coats can be moist. Then, shift the seeds to moist paper towels and leave them there for at least 1-2 days. It encourages the emergence of tap roots. You can opt to use jiffy pellets which expand when you soak in water to sow the seeds. Regardless of your method for germination, you can plant the seeds in soil or containers when the tap root springs up from the seed.

Third step: Set up a good potting mix Irrespective of where you grow your autoflowers, you require a good potting mix. Whether the autoflowering cannabis plants grow in a garden, balcony, rooftop or terrace, you should have good soil. Like other cannabis or sativa strains, autoflowers do well in aerated soil. The soil should have many nutrients, mainly when not grown hydroponically. The right potting mix usually has compost, coco peat, peat moss, perlite, and usual gardening soil. The soil has macro and micronutrients that enables you to grow cannabis. Even so, you should grow like an expert and therefore, mix in some bone meal, kelp meal, humic acid, seaweed extracts and blood meal for better results. Note that you only need to prepare potting mix if you are growing autos in containers. Till the soil, if you are growing in an open space or garden and mix in aged manure and fresh compost. It is essential for those growing in containers/pots to make sure that the containers are not very small. It will slow the growth of the plants due to limited space for their roots. Also, they should not be too big for the small plant as it will also slow growth. As a rule of thumb, choose pots that can hold no less than five to six gallons.

Fourth step: Transplanting 

It is difficult to transplant, especially if you are a beginner. A veteran does this with much ease. As a beginner, ensure to keep it uncomplicated by utilizing one container for the whole cycle (from seed-harvest). If it is a must for you to transplant, be acquainted with the basics such as the soil should be moist. As well, the roots should have grown sufficiently. Time is a crucial factor here; the plant should not be too mature or too young.

Fifth step: Water wisely Avoid under-watering or overwatering the plants as it will kill them. For beginners, check the soil under the pot if dry or wet to know when to water your plants. It can be a tricky affair, but with time, you will gain experience.

Sixth step: Flushing It is crucial to flush out the nutrients used if you are growing in containers/pots. Either organic or inorganic, it is prudent to flush your cannabis plants using clean plain water a week before you harvest. It helps a lot as flushing enhances the taste. Also, it eliminates the harshness of your buds significantly. Searching for good buds on the store will end as you have your buds.

Conclusion: The rules of growing autoflowers, whether you are an expert or beginners, are just the same. However, buy the kind of auto strains that will do well in your climate. The good thing about autoflowers is that you do not need extra hassles such as light leaks as they fit anywhere. Autoflowers are proving to be simple to grow and also, they produce budget buds having high THC levels than other buds.