Spannabis 2018 and strain report

Welcome to our Spannabis 2018 blog post! It was an action-packed weekend for the Mary's Team where we spoke to many of the seed banks you all know, and we'll be bringing you plenty of interviews in our video diary coming very soon...

Thursday evening started off with us visiting The Plug which is one of the most popular cannabis clubs in Barcelona; it's owned by Jack who is bringing out seeds via The Plug Seedbank, which Mary's will be stocking very soon.

On Friday morning the Mary's Team were up eager and early for the first day of Spannabis 2018 - the sun was out which was motivating!

We were really happy to catch up with R-Kiem who are based in Spain and are the boys behind Harybo which has been a really popular strain on Mary's for 2017 and so far in 2018. Harybo is the result of crossing Afghan with the sought-after US clone, Zkittlez.

It was great to meet Arjan of Paradise Seeds from Amsterdam. Arjan spoke us through their up-and-coming strains, Fortune Cookies and California Dream - both American genetics crossed with Dutch classics!

The Mary's Team were excited to catch another Arjan, the man behind Green House and Strain Hunter seeds and one of the weed world's biggest celebrities. Arjan announced that Green House will be releasing some new strains within the next year plus a special one for Franco!

On Saturday it was great to speak with Marc from Ripper Seeds who managed to sort us out with some Lemon Ice feminised which have been out of stock with Mary's for a while. Lemon Ice is also going to be used for the next Mary's giveaway where there will be 3 overall winners, all winning a 3 pack of Lemon Ice along with Ripper Seeds and Mary's Seeds goodies.

We spoke with Sarah from Kannabia Seeds regarding Mary's Seeds stocking Swiss Dream CBD which has an impressive 1:26 THC to CBD ratio which will be the highest Mary's Seeds will have available. We were also given a bud sample of this fantastic high CBD strain. Along with Swiss Dream CBD, Mary's is going to be stocking Purple Kush.

We spoke with Milo, the man behind Big Buddha Seeds. Big Buddha are known for their cheese strains and have been in the industry for a long time so it was great to meet Milo. He spoke us through the strains he's loving at the moment which seem to be the California ones such as Wedding Cake and Zkittlez. Milo hooked us up with some buds also, which was generous of him!

We spoke with the ladies from CBD Crew and Shifa Shop who are sister companies specialising in CBD heavy strains - the companies support CBD as medication and push this through their strains as well as CBD drops which are available in a range of strengths.

We had the opportunity to try out some Hemp Chips! The brand stood out to us due to them using the same artwork designer as Ripper Seeds, Joel Abad. The company offer two chip variations, one with a subtle Kush marijuana taste and the second with a more prominent Amnesia taste. The marijuana taste wasn't overwhelming which allowed the original potato chip taste to be enjoyed. We loved these!

We hooked up with the Exotic Seed guys who were showing off their well deserved trophy for Herz OG which Mary's will be stocking within the next week. We will be doing an special blog based interview with these guys soon...

This is just a taster of the interviews we got - check the video diary which is coming soon for way more!

On Saturday R-Kiem invited us to their special party which they were hosting at RDM club fresh after their second place cup win in flower press category at the Masters of Rosin for their strain, Muse.

We were flattered to be part of this party and moment in history for the R-Kiem crew! RDM was a fantastic club with a nice chilled-out vibe and downstairs members could enjoy pool, table football and console gaming. Upstairs was more of a party vibe where the R-Kiem crew were celebrating their cup win in style - there was a live DJ and lovely food!

Now it's time for the strain report where we detail some of the highlights of what we tried over the weekend.

So on Thursday evening our first port of call was a visit to The Plug where we picked up quite a variety of strains between us. The most pricey was Zkittlez at €120 a pot but this is the original from the creators out in Cali. The colours on it were very nice with purplish and blue hues, and the smell is genuinely like a bag of Skittles. The nugs were nice and tight but very soft. We tried it in a joint and in the vape, and in the vape the taste wasn't great, very soapy and synthetic. However the high was really enjoyable - euphoric, giggly and not too heavy. We had a lot of fun smoking Zkittlez!

When we asked for a mostly-sativa we were recommended Peach Slush. The high felt like a standard sativa high but the aroma and flavour were really remarkable - a spot on peach flavour!

We also fancied something a bit more old-school and less fruity so picked up some Chemdawg. The gassy flavours came through lovely and strong and the racing, powerful high reminded us why this is one of the most utilised strains in breeding, and a bonafide classic in general.

Other highlights from The Plug were Stardawg Rado, Blue Dream and Casper OG. The latter is Face Off OG x Ghost OG, so with the Ghost genetics you could guarantee a strong OG stone, but the Face Off brings a nice, psychoactive head high. Taste was pretty planty and standard but it was certainly a nice smoke for the Thursday night - social as indicas go.

On the Friday we enjoyed a cheeky dab of Icer with the R-Kiem boys at their stand, and then they furnished us with plenty of bud from Angel's legendary tool box. This included a sample of Sublimator, which isn't even out yet in seed form. It will be in June though, so keep your eyes peeled because this was probably our favourite thing from the whole weekend. Sour Banana x Gorilla Glue #4 sounds like a match made in heaven, and it was. Those two flavours both came through separately and gave Sublimator a luxurious, multi-layered taste. The high felt great and was strong and easy to settle into without being overwhelming so we cannot wait to start stocking this later on in the year!

Part of the fun of Spannabis is checking out the smaller companies you might never have heard of before, and we were introduced to Green Road Seed, a very small and new company. They passed us a sample of something quite unique called Borosur Haze. It contained pure Ghana genetics (which is the type of thing we love) crossed with Haze so we were eager to try it. The aroma was lovely, like slightly burnt figs and the high was a buzzing head high typical of African landrace strains. We only had a small bud but we made it last and this kept our energy up during the day. There's not much info online about Green Road yet but look out for more from them in the future...

On the Saturday we picked up plenty more nice things to try and it turned out to be a very cheesy day. While chilling outside Spannabis we met the owner of Organic Oz, a purely organic club in Barcelona. We wanted to visit, but didn't have time, but we got to try some of his Blue Cheese by Dinafem. A UK classic, grown organically - you can tell the difference in flavour and high and it's great to see.

We had a lot of fun with the Big Buddha guys at their stand then enjoyed some BadAzz Cheese, which Milo said was the team's #1 choice of smoke over the weekend. It was strong, a knockout high - we can understand why one of the Big Buddha team said their strains are too strong for him in general now!

We also had a long chat with Jose and the Gene Seeds team. They passed us some ExoEvania, a beautiful, high-THC, berry-themed bud, and Crystal Tears, which was perhaps the best-smelling variety we handled over the weekend - a sweet, fruity layer contrasted with an invasive, gone-off cheese smell. Stinky, pungent and unique.

On Saturday night at RDM we opted for a gram of their Chocolope, and I think this was the second best thing we had all weekend. Grown by the president of RDM himself, the fruity flavour was mind-bogglingly sweet, then an insanely potent sativa high kicked in and sat us right down. You could feel the surge of energy rushing up through your spine. Really impressive example of how to do this legendary, high-yielder properly! It kept us medicated and social at the party.

On Sunday we were still inundated with bags of bud and did our best to finish them off before the plane ride home on Monday. So much fun as always! This was once of the best Spannabis festivals yet, can't wait for next year!