What a blast we all had at Spannabis 2019! Here is Mary's blog on what we got up to at this year's show in Barcelona.


We set off on Thursday and made our way to Manchester Airport where we met up with our good friends from Cheeba Beans. The flight wasn't too long and once in BCN we had plenty of time to find our accommodation – it was a really nice Barcelona apartment with a balcony looking out on the Arc de Triomf. Then we were able to chill and enjoy the rest of the evening, and once we'd all eaten we decided to make our way to one of the most well-known clubs in Barcelona: The Backyard.

Grinder at the Backyard

It was very busy because of Spannabis and it took everyone a while to sign up, but while we were in there we caught up with a few familiar faces such as Fat Tone and Element Extract from back home. Noodles from Oni Seeds was also doing a meet and greet, so once inside we had a great chat with him. Check out his seeds on our store, especially if you like terp-heavy Cali strains. We bought and tried some great strains at Backyard – Sunday Driver, Strawberry Banana – and after this we headed back to our apartment to make sure we were all ready for Friday...

Mary with candy floss

So on Friday, it was our first full day at Spannabis. We all got up and refreshed ourselves and had breakfast at a nice little cafe just under our apartment – the sun was out, everybody was in good spirits, and a few of us had a little wake an bake to get us ready for the day ahead. On arrival at Spannabis the atmosphere was buzzing! So many faces, all happy and smiling, just a great vibe from everyone, and the whole event felt bigger than previous years to be honest.

Once inside we took in our surroundings, split up into two teams and started to make our way around. We met up with plenty of old faces from previous shows: we caught up with Ripper Seeds (and even thwarted a thief who was stealing merch from their stand!) and they introduced us to a new seed bank called Purple City Genetics from Oakland, California. In fact, we brought back many of their strains and will be adding them to the site very soon... They are pushing lots of Watermelon Zkittlez crosses right now so look out for those in the coming days.

We were invited in to the VIP area of Royal Queen's stand, which was outside on a balcony, and from up here was the best view – you could see everyone just having the best time: live bands playing, plenty of food stalls, which all looked amazing, people dancing, laughing, enjoying a smoke, and soaking up the beautiful Spanish sun.

Sweet Seeds stand

We stopped by Sweet Seeds and said hi and a chat, always nice to see these guys, and we got to meet the legendary Swerve from The Cali Connection – first time we'd seen him at a show and great to chat about their genetics and new strains. By the end of the first day we were all very tired and hungry so we met up with Cheeba Beans and headed back to the apartment. We took a nice walk to an Italian restaurant, and while on our way there we came across a cool little head shop down one of the back streets. The guy who was running the shop was awesome, really welcoming and friendly, and he pointed us to a nice little club nearby which we went to on our way back from getting food. It was called Trinacria – a really nice little place, a lot smaller than the Backyard but we will definitely be making a visit next year.

Super Sativa Seed Club VIP card

So on the Saturday, it started basically the same as Friday did: breakfast and a quick wake and bake and then back to Spannabis. We made our way around catching up with any of the seed banks or wholesalers we didn't get a chance to talk to on the Friday. We managed to say hi to our good friends at Barney's Farm, UGORG and Dutch Passion. We discovered a new (but really not so new) seed bank: Super Sativa Seed Club. These guys have a few special old school strains that come with a premium price tag, but they are authentic Amsterdam classics. They were one of the original seed banks back in the 80s and all eventually moved onto other things, but now they're back! We got to sample some of their bud as they had a 'coffee shop' set up inside Spannabis that you could only gain access to if you had a pass and luckily we did. It was truly a blast from the past smoking their Karel's Haze! We hope to stock some seeds from these guys soon...

Backyard club

Outside we bumped into Tyler from iSmoke, a UK-based cannabis blog and video channel. Was great to meet him in person for the first time. We also caught up with the Ripper guys again and they invited us to their private party that night, but unfortunately we couldn't make it which we were all very disheartened about – the place was a bit too far away from where we were staying! So on Saturday night we headed back to the Backyard again – a really good vibe there.

Angel and Nacho from R-Kiem

On Sunday we went and grabbed the limited edition seeds from T.H.Seeds, which have been up on our website since getting back, and they're mostly already sold out, which is great! We also chilled with Paradise and then the R-Kiem guys, and they were buzzing as they'd just won 5 cups in the Spannabis Champions Cup! We tried their 1st place cup-winning CBD strain and it relaxed us all immediately!

Chilling in front of the Arc de Triomf

That afternoon we went and did some sightseeing, fitting in the Sagrada Familia cathedral, then went for our last meal at an all-you-can-eat buffet. All in all another great trip catching up with old friends and making some new ones. Of course, we'll be back next year!