Mary's Seeds Spannabis 2018 video diary

Hi everyone, we'll open this blog post with our video diary from Spannabis 2018. This year was so much fun and in the video you'll find interviews with the people behind Green House, Paradise Seeds, Barney's Farm, The Devil's Harvest, Dutch Passion, R-Kiem, Ripper Seeds, CBD Crew, Gene Seeds, Big Buddha and The Plug - wow!

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Spannabis Champions Cup 2018

And now onto the results from the Spannabis Champions Cup this year in Barcelona!

CBD Category
1st) Fruity Jack by Philosopher Seeds
2nd) Chem Beyond Diesel CBD by Sweet Seeds
3rd) Honey Peach Auto CBD by Sweet Seeds

Indica Category
1st) Gorilla by The Next Door
2nd) Glueberry by Grow La Paz
3rd) Herz OG by Exotic Seed

Sativa Category
1st) Z Cube by The Backyard
2nd) Zkittles by The Plug BCN
3rd) Amnesia Haze by Asociación ACECA

Solventless Extraction Category
1st) Barbanana Static Drysift by Soil With Attitude & 059 social club
2nd) Banana Punch #9 by Symbiotic Genetics
3rd) Harybo by Life Club Guadalajara

Solvent Extraction Category
1st) Sour Power by Karma Genetics
2nd) Z Cube Sauce by Team 10 Extracts
3rd) Orange Diesel by Lady Sativa Genetics

Andanda Lab laboratory Special Awards:
Highest CBD Vegetal Sample: Hiydrow by Mercury Morpheus Design
Highest THC Vegetal Sample: GG4 Organic by Soil With Attitude & 059 club
Best Purged BHO Sample: Sweet Valley Flakes by Strain Hunters

Many of Mary's customers are fans of high-CBD strains and as you can see above, Fruity Jack won first place in the CBD Cup this year. Definitely take a look:

Remember, you can see all past-winners from the Spannabis Champions Cup over at our Cup Winners section, and then add some to your own collection!

4/20 promotion

And it's time to announce that this year for 4/20 we'll be giving away a randomly selected premium promo pack with every order on April 20th! Any orders placed between midnight on Thursday and midnight on Friday BST will receive the promo automatically. You could get some real quality beans from the world's best seed banks, for free!