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We have some great news to share regarding our ongoing relationship with the guys from R-Kiem Seeds! We've worked with R-Kiem seeds for a number of years now. We was first introduced to them at Spannabis and since then we began selling and distributing Harybo which was their staple strain and is one currently one of Mary's Seeds best ever sellers! R-Kiem is as well one of Mary's favourite seed banks. Each strain is bred with love and attention and always features superior, special genetics. Harybo is a photoperiod feminised Afghan x Zkittlez USA Elite Clone which at the time was from their private reserve. At the time, R-Kiem was one of the initial groups of breeders within Europe to have elite clones of the sought after USA Elite Clone Zkittlez! Harybo is known for its jelly bean and a tinge of kush taste as well as offering a exceptional yield so it's a great for all types of growers whether you're a novice or experienced! 

harybo by r-kiem seeds

Here's a little backstory regarding R-Kiem:

"Founded in 1998, R-Kiem Seeds is a cooperative born of the collaboration of growers and breeders of national and international scope. Our main objective has always been the preservation of genetics, by breeding and developing new hybrids and polihybrids. Due to that we have been able to preserve our strain’s original essence. Our seeds are directly hand collected, under strict temperature and humidity controls, which guarantees the best selection of our product. Our seeds maintenance and development is performed in 100% organic cultivation."

Now we've given you a little back story, we can now move onto discussing our latest offers with R-Kiem Seeds! 

Free seeds with all R-Kiem purchases at Mary's Seeds

free seed promo with rkiem seeds

With every 3 singles purchased from R-Kiem, you will receive 1 additional free seed, with every 5 pack you will receive 2 additional free seeds and with every 10 pack, you will receive 5 free seeds!

No matter the variations you will always receive an R-Kiem branded pin badge and sticker!

G.O.S Promo

Our second promo with R-Kiem entails an offer with our latest arrival from R-kiem and that is G.O.S which is a regular photoperiod, see below for more info: 

gos by rkiem seeds

"G.O.S is an F1 cross between GHOST OG’s parents, OG KUSH’s elite cut, winner of multiple awards “High Times 2013- 2012” and PURPLE PUNCH 2.O, cross of two dominant indicas LARRY OG x GRANDDADDY PURPLE.

It‘s a strong and robust strain of Indica structure with fruity flavors and terpenes ranging from acidic cranberry juice to grape candies with a strong retro-taste to Kush. With a percentage of THC that can reach up to 25%, the G.O.S variety has a strong effect both cerebral as body being an excellent strain to alleviate muscle aches, stress, vomiting and insomnia. This strain is named after the mascot of one of the R-kiem team members."

gos promo with rkiem seeds

With every purchase of a G.O.S full pack from Mary's Seeds you will receive the following free: R-Kiem branded t-shirt, stickers, 5 additional free seeds (strain: 2y2) and 2 pin badges.

We are currently in the process of having the full collection of R-Kiem seeds available at Mary's Seeds so please do keep an eye out on our newly added section to see the hottest new strains each week! As always, if you happen to have any questions regarding our promos or even any general promotional questions, then feel free to reach out to us via email:


Catch you all soon!