Ripper Seeds, based in Barcelona, are one of our favourite seed banks. We love their branding, with excellent artwork by Joel Abad, but their strains are all knockout too!

Acid Dough (mostly-sativa, Lilly x OG Badazz) and Washing Machine (mostly-indica, UK Cheese x Bubba Kush) are personal favourites of the Mary's team.

Because of this we're very happy to be launching a new free seed promotion with Ripper: whenever you buy a full pack of Ripper beans you'll now get 5 x free regular Ripper Badazz, which we think is quite the deal. These regulars aren't even for sale!

Ripper like to create their own take on classic genetics, and this is their take on the legendary US strain, OG Badazz. They love this one so much they use it in both their Acid Dough and Fuel OG.

Taste-wise you'll find lemon and fuel flavours with a dense smoke, almost 'chewy'. Multiple cup wins shouldn't leave you in any doubt if you need more convincing.

To go with this news we also recently got the chance to put a few questions to Marc Rubio, one main member of the Ripper team, and here's what he had to say! Cali genetics in Ripper's future sure sounds interesting...

How did Ripper get started?

Ripper Seeds is a long-time project but the company was established in 2012 when we appeared for the first time at Spannabis.

What makes it different from other seed banks?

We use different parents for the revisions. Most banks feminize everything with the same White Widow, for example. We have reverse males of Amnesia Haze, Black Domina, Afghani, White Widow, OG Badazz, Bubba and others - we're always looking for the offspring to be appropriate.

How did your unique packaging come about?

We really try to find the best packaging for the conservation of the seeds: protected from humidity, shock and temperature and light, and our current packaging fulfilled all of these requirements. Then we just apply a little creativity on the subject.

What's your favourite thing to smoke at the moment?

Sour Ripper and Zombie Kush.

How do you see the cannabis industry changing in Europe over the next few years?

We would like to think that it will change towards a more tolerant model where self-cultivation is legal, but the truth is that we have been thinking like this for more than 20 years. It's more likely to just go in the directions of the interests of politicians...

What does Ripper have in store for the future?

We have brought in a lot of new California genetics in both seed and cutting form, but for now it's top secret...


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