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  1. Step by Step Instructions to Develop Autoflowering Cannabis Plants Outside

    Blog post detailing the process of growing Autoflowering Cannabis plants outside..
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  2. Spend over £80.00 to get a 4 piece metal grinder! Promo with GrowRoom420

    Ongoing promo with the friendly cannabis growing community forum, GrowRoom420!
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  3. Mary's Seeds 420 20% multiple strain bank sale!

    Hey everyone, as you all know it’s 420 Saturday...
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  4. Spannabis 2019 diary

    What a blast we all had at Spannabis 2019! Here is Mary's blog on what we got up to at this year's show in Barcelona.
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  5. New strains in from Elev8 Seeds!

    Blog post detailing our latest cannabis seeds from Elev8 Seeds.
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  6. Say hello to new seedbanks, Mean Beanz & Maniac Genetics!

    Blog post detailing 2 new seed banks added to Mary's Seeds for 2019, Mean Beanz and Maniac Genetics!
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  7. Interview with Exotic Seed!

    In this post we profile Exotic Seed and talk to Sebastian, one of the guys behind their success. "We started as producers of seeds about 15 years ago and we always maintained the highest quality standards, so after a while, when we saw that a lot of the upcoming seeds companies did repacking and reselling we wanted to put something honest up against that."
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  8. Spannabis video diary, 2018 cup results + 4/20 2018 promotion!

    In this post you'll find all the cup winners from this year's Spannabis Champions Cup in Barcelona and news on our 4/20 promo this year!
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  9. Spannabis 2018 and strain report

    In our Spannabis 2018 post you'll see who we met along with photos, and then in the strain report you'll read all about what we tried over the weekend!
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  10. Ripper Seeds interview and new free seed offer!

    Read on for an interview with Marc from Ripper and news of our new Ripper free seed offer
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