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Big Whoop Auto ♀

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Seed bank: Breaking Buds Seeds
  • Genetics: Cheeisenberg x Black Domina Auto
  • Flowering time: 75 days
  • Height: Large
  • Yield: Very Large

Auto version of our Cheeisenberg crossed with Black Domina Auto, which has been used for ages in order to stabilise auto plants. Big Whoop Auto has an exuberant hybrid vigour, with big trunks and leafs. XXL Size. It reaches its apogee in greenhouses, able to grow around 1,50-1,80m high and its buds can weigh around 80 to 130gr per plant. Designed for extended cultivations because of its unifloral structure, that is, of one single core with few ramification.

Sweet, citrus and hashy scents - with tastes to match. The effects are slow and narcotic. Contraindicated when mixing it with alcohol. Very meditative marijuana, aimed at thoughtful or artistic people. Perfect when having migraines, hypertension and to be used to regulate the nervous system.