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Auto Lemon Zkittle ♀

As low as £10.50
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Seed bank: Dutch Passion
  • Location: Indoor, Outdoor, Greenhouse
  • Life cycle: 12 weeks
  • Production: XXL
  • THC percentage: 21 %
  • Indica/Sativa: Mostly sativa

Zkittlez has been one of the most popular strains from the West Coast of the US in recent times, and in their Lemon Zkittle Dutch Passion crossed this elite clone with Las Vegas Lemon Skunk to create one of the most impressive seeds available on the mass market in recent years, and now it's available in auto form too!

Starting with its impressive yield, this is rated as XXL by Dutch Passion, and the genetics from Skunk mean this will be an easy grow, ideal even for beginners. Indoors, outdoors, greenhouse, she can take it all, and will usually be done in 75 days from seed, with some of the heavier-yielding phenos taking a little longer. The buds are chunky, tightly-packed and resinous.

Then the terps are insane! Maybe the most lemony thing you will ever try, helped by the grapefruit boost from the Zkittlez. The high is strong, euphoric and lasts. Truly, a wonder auto from the guys at Dutch Passion!