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Alien Vs. Triangle F2 ♀

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Seed bank: Mephisto Genetics
  • Genetic heritage: Ripley's OG F3 x Triangle F3 
  • Size: 90 -120 cm 
  • Structure: Large and branchy 
  • Flower Density: 9.0/10 
  • Indica/Sativa: 40/60 
  • Cycle Time: 75 to 80 days from sprout 
  • Yield: 120 to 150 grams as a single plant 
  • Best Method for overall high yield: 9 per 1.2m x 1.2m sq in 18 Liter pots 
  • Aroma: Spicy Skunky High-Crade 
  • Taste: Fruity, zesty, piney 
  • Effect: Very Strong, balanced, highly medicinal 
  • Medicinal Benefits: Creat strain for insomnia and pain relief 
  • Best Crown: Indoor/creenhouse/outdoor 
  • Cannabinoids: 25.5% THC 
  • Extract information: Fantastic for any extracts

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"Our highest tested potency strain now made F2"
Alien Vs. Triangle was first created by Mephisto as an F1 limited edition cross between the popular Ripley's OG and Triangle Kush. However, after seeing how well it sold and the reaction it got from customers Mephisto felt they had to create an F2 and move it from limited edition to their main line!

Mephisto personally recommended this strain to the Mary's team as it's a huge yielder and can complete her full grow cycle in 75 days, producing extremely potent weed; one sample has tested at over 25% THC!

There are plenty of grow diaries and reports online which confirm this strain's reputation as one of Mephisto's greatest ever. On Emeraldgarden says:

"This lady was a breeze. Chopped on day 85. She didn't ask for much and produced the stinkiest, most potent cannabis I've ever consumed. Mephisto killed it with this strain, and I hope it sticks around for years to come because I have definitely not had enough of it."

BlackHatGenetics says:

"This strain is explosive in growth and packs on serious weight. Definitely the heaviest producer I've grown so far even over phototypes. Very easy to grow, but expect to add support to those branches. One of mine, even with bamboo support, was so heavy she almost pulled herself out of the ground! ... Smoke Report - So the branch that snapped a few days before harvest dried and I had a chance to smoke it and WOW. The taste is so strong. Imagine the best gassy kush you've ever smoked then dip that in lemon pinesol. The buzz is very uplifting and makes me talkative but at the same time very relaxed"