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1024 ♀

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Seed bank: medical Seeds
  • Genotype: 70% sativa 30% indica
  • Indoor vegetative period: 2-3 weeks
  • Indoor flowering period: 11-13 weeks
  • Indoor yield/m2: about 600g
  • Outdoor height: 3-3.5m
  • Outdoor harvest: mid October
  • Outdoor yield/plant: 600-800g
  • Genetics: top secret
  • 3rd in Hydro at Copa Invernal A.C.M.F. 2016, Barcelona
  • 2nd in Best Sativa at Neuro Copa del Pacífico 2014, Chile
  • 1st in Extraction at Spannabis Champions Cup 2011, Barcelona
  • 2nd in Indoor at Copa Zaragoza 2009
  • 3rd in Hydro at El Punto eres Tú 2009, Málaga
  • 1st in Extraction at Copa Navarra 2009


We feel really proud of this multiple cup-winning cross! A very special seed indeed.

1024 combines everything: taste, production, presence - it's the perfect plant.

It's perfectly adapted to all growing systems (organic, coco, hydroponics) and if conditions are optimal it can reach over 23% THC.

Defining its taste is not easy as it combines different nuances, all at the same time: sweet, musk, spicy, fruity.